On this page I offer programs developed by me as Share or Freeware for " downloading". If you should have questions, criticism or suggestions to the programs, then you can achieve me under the following E-Mail address. Much fun!

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Table of contents:

Gofolio 2.0 - the programming language for the ATARI portfolio

Sourcecode-Example (by the Quicksort-Procedure)

If you want to get Gofolio as Freeware incl. Documentation and sample programs as selfunpacking file (79 KB), then click here: GOFO.EXE (last modification: 28.01.2001)
Further software and Info's to the portfolio:
Stefan Kaechele / Klaus Peichl / Paul Jolliffe / Volker Niemeyer

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WINDKRAFT 3.2 - the program for the construction and calculation of windturbins.

Sketch and build yourselves your own windrad!

With WINDKRAFT 3.2 (for Win95/98) you can:

Curiously become? Then you should become acquainted with WINDKRAFT 3.2. Please click here to get WINDKRAFT 3.2 (500 KB) as download :
WK.EXE (last modification: 10.11.2001)

It adds further information to the wind energy:
Clemens Simon / UNI Stuttgart

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DATAFIT 1.30 - the program for the adaptation of functions to data by means of linear and nonlinear compensation calculation

DATAFIT 1.30 (for DOS) can:

DATAFIT 1.30 as selfunpacking file (99 KB) incl. Example files and documentation. Click here to download: DF.EXE (Freeware, last modification: 09.09.1998)

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XMas 3.2 - The Program to create fractals (Mandelbrotset and Juliasets)

XMas for WIN 95/98:

XMas (ca. 300 KB). Click here to download: XM.EXE (Freeware, last modification: 09.08.2001)

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